Possible solution for pick-grip discomfort

I would really LIKE to use the “standard” pick grip. It looks like a relaxed and ergonomic position which still offers a firm grasp on the pick. But, as I said in an earlier posting (click here to see it), my forefinger hurts at the point where it is squeezed by the pick.

2014-01-14a How the pick squeezes the nailbed      2014-01-14b How the pick squeezes the nailbed (without pick)

I have been thinking…. Maybe the problem is merely because the CORNER of the fingernail digs into the flesh of the forefinger, where the arrow points in the picture below:

2014-01-14c Where it hurts

So I am going to let the fingernail grow out a bit, past the point at which the flesh can be dug into. If that works, great! And if not, no problem, I’ll find an alternative.


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