About Doug

My name’s Doug McClure (not the actor from the old TV western The Virginian). I played the trumpet professionally in Spain for 28 years — mostly orchestral, plus some jazz and light classical — but had to retire from the instrument because of focal dystonia of the embouchure. Since then I’ve been teaching music and English, but I have missed making my own music, so a couple of years ago I bought myself a tenor banjo.

I’ve made some faltering attempts to learn to play it but always had problems finding the time. I’m starting this blog to give myself some extra motivation. I’ll also post the worksheets and exercises I make for myself, in case they are useful to anyone else. You can find all these documents at www.dmcclure.org/banjo.

My goals are (1) to learn to play simple chord melody at sight and (2) to get a Dixieland group going here where I live in Seville, Spain. Wish me luck!

4 thoughts on “About Doug

  1. Hmmmm… Didn’t expect a 3-4 finger brass guy to take up a string, 2 hand instrument…but was watching a PBS show about Venice and thought of you, Graz, pistons, rotary inst, how the US midwest transfers to Spanish Dixieland…and the reasons / politics? that have kept you from the US for decades. Wish you were here, but it would be wonderful to get hear/read your perspective. 301-588-0905 works for voice. Email is below. Hope you and family are well. ds

    ps Yes, I have many banjo playing friends in my musical world (for me, mostly vocal), though I don’t know if they’d look to Spain for artistic development! Perhaps I need to expand their horizons.

  2. Hello. My name is Marta Velasco from Basque Country. I ‘ve known maybe you know Ian Radcliffe (from Harrogate).
    20 years ago Ian began the Concert Band of Leioa (Basque Country) when I played saxophone and now I conduct. This band births 20 years and we wanted to be in touch with Ian but we don’ t have any contact.
    So….the question is… Had you Got it?
    Thanks so so much. 😘😘😘
    My email :

  3. Hi Doug

    In Seville tonight and thought i would look you up!!. Glad to see you have a new vocation. I will be visiting again soon and it would be great to see you. Ian Radcliffe

    • Hi Ian!

      What a nice surprise to hear from you! When you wrote, did you mean you’d be in Seville today (26 Sept.)? If you are, let’s get together this evening! I’m free this evening starting at about 8:00 p.m. on. My phone number is 656 37 07 05. (You can also send me a WhatsApp message or an SMS at that number.) Hope to hear from you soon!!!


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